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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 6, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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he was screaming and swearing and spitting and trying to bite them. >> right now at 11:00, a bizarre crime spree in palo alto. neighbors are glad this man is behind bars tonight. and still no sign of a missing hiker. and a california family is heading home after they had to be rescued at sea. now many are asking if the parents were right in taking two young children sailing across the globe. nbc bay area news starts now. good evening, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm diane dwyer. a crime spree landed a man
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in jail. the man attacked a woman and all while naked. >> reporter: diane, this all happened on friday night at about 9:00. police say they believe the 18 year old was on some kind of drug at the time. >> he was just so out of his mind. >> reporter: he is accused of going on a crime spree in a palo alto neighborhood. they say it all started when he went into a home on the 1100 block of colorado and allegedly hit a kid. then he attacked a woman who was out walking her dog, punching and kicker her several times. david all the heard the commotion. >> i see a naked guy running right here. >> reporter: he says he kicked the man. >> and he stumbles back. and he's like hrrrrr, and he
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picks up all this mail and throws it and looks at me. >> reporter: he ran off and ended up trapped in a cul-de-sac where police caught up with him. >> the suspect came out and charged two officers. >> the police officers did a great job restraining him without using excessive force. they understood that there's no weapons involved. and i was really impressed with how they dealt with it despite the fact that he was swearing and spitting and biting. >> he exhibited signs of being under the influence of a narcotic. >> he's just a high school kid, and he made a mistake is what i think. >> reporter: he is being charged with one felony and six misdemeanors. as to the woman who was assaulted, she was taken to the hospital and treated for her minor injuries. thanks very much. another day of intense searching
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for a missing menlo park woman ended in disappointment tonight. after parking her car at a trail head, she went on a hike and never came back. she hasn't been seen for more than a week now. we're live from the head lands with the very latest. >> reporter: search teams will not be back here tomorrow. the search has been suspended until something more concrete comes up. exhausted after two days of searching mt. tam, volunteers and canine units called it quit. they are no closer to finding the woman who was captured on security cameras at the trail head on march 30 buying a parking permit around 12:40. >> we're still back with the vehicle in a parking lot and a description of a woman. besides that, we don't have much else. >> reporter: several days had
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gone by before park rangers noticed herren tal card abandoned. they say she's new to the bay area with little friends or family here and that she also lost her job. >> noticing that she wasn't here, i don't believe anybody would have reported her missing. >> reporter: hikers know it's easy to get lost here. some trails can even be treacherous. >> you just have to worry about losing your footing and hurting yourself. because that can happen. >> yeah. there are tons of places that you can fall. >> there's a hundred different scenarios that are playing out that could possibly have happened to her. unfortunately, we haven't narrowed down the different areas we can go down. >> reporter: she's a software developer. they say her family will be flying out to california later this week. thanks very much. also in the north bay, police
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are searching tonight for a killer. after the discovery of a body near novato. a hiker called 911 after discovering the body. officers conclude the person had been killed. the victim's identity has not been released. police are asking anyone with information to call the police department. a crash in napa valley this afternoon killed at least one person and shut down several busy roads. the head-on collision happened around 3:30 this afternoon near where the highway intersects with duhig road. the roads were reopened around 7:00 tonight. and the cause of the crash remains under investigation. a fight breaks out at a house party and someone opens fire wounding four juveniles. the shooting happened last night in fair field in front of a home on orchid street. they found the victims scattered
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on different streets pt investigators are still piecing everything together and are trying to figure out why the fight broke out in the first place. the shooting victims are expected to survive. the parents who had to be rescued at sea are defending their choices. these are photos of the family. the family's sailboat lost steering and communications just as their 1-year-old daughter got very sick. the parents remained confident in their preparations for the round the world journey. but even family members questioned the choice of taking a baby and toddler om thn that journey. >> it is nuts. do people do crazy nuts things all the time, yes, they do. my concerns were about bringing kids on a trip like that and having a second one along the way and bringing a younger kid. i do feel very strongly that yes, that was craze e. >> the family could be back home
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in san diego as early as tomorrow. and nbc news is reporting the family could be responsible for the cost of that navy rescue. we're following the developing story of the search for the missing plane from malaysia. the chinese and australian governments say two search vessels have now detected an electronic pulse that could be coming from the black box of the missing plane. we have more from perth, australia. sear >> reporter: searchers are chasing two leads. a chinese ship has reported it's twice detected a pulse-like signal with the same frequency as the black boxes. >> this is an important and encouraging lead. but one which i urge you to continue to treat carefully. >> reporter: experts have questioned the effectiveness of a hand-held sonar device they
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reportedly used. >> we know that the pinger itself, you have to be right on top of it, and if it's at depth, 10,000, 12,000 feet, you're not going to hear that signal on the surface. >> reporter: tonight a british ship, the hms echo has reached the area carrying its own sophisticated sound equipment. separately, the u.s. navy's towed pinger locator picked up separate sounds. they vow to chase every lied, but say the sounds detected are defined as acoustic events rather than the transmissions of a black box. >> there are plenty of other things out there transmitting at the frequency, standard frequency for underwater transmission. >> reporter: with numerous false the sighting of debris, it's a
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race against time. we should receive more information from the british ship in the next 24 hours. and switching to the weather now. fu enjoyed the warm temperatures this weekend, you will probably like the forecast for this week. here's a live look outside at the bay bridge and downtown san francisco. beautiful and sparkly out there. our meteorologist joins us with the micro climate forecast. >> you'll love the forecast if you have air conditioning. that's the key here. because it's really going to get hot as we head throughout next several days. napa was up to 80, and this comes on the heels of temperatures yesterday only in the 60s. even san jose and oakland right at 76 degrees. so we are headed to see a major warmup over the next few days, and it's all because the winds have shifted. even in san jose, you can see offshore all day long.
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offshore winds really going to allow for the warm air to surge in place. we've already got high pressure sitting right on top of us, and this thing's going to be with us for the next several days. there is more cloud cover developing and an area of low pressure. this will be our wildcard as we head through the week. it could mean potential fog, drizzle -- i'm not going to say rain, but i really want to. coming up next at 11:00, an out of control party turns into a riot. we're going to show you how plea police finally got it under control. one city is considering $15 an hour.
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flash grenades and tear gas
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are some of the crowd control tactics the police say they had to use overnight in the beach side town of island vista. officers arrested a hundred people last night after the spring break party turned into this riot. according to officers, unruly party people threw bricks and bottles at police. one officer was hit in the head with a backpack filled with bottl bottles. >> there were things on fire. people screaming. people turned around and stampeded down the street. >> it's estimated a crowd of about 15,000 people turned out for this party. last year's nationwide survey named uc santa barbara as the number two party school in the nation. speed, alcohol, and no seat belts made for a tragic outcome in vacaville this weekend. a 16 year old girl and a driver
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were killed when the driver lost control. three other teenage passengers are in critical condition tonight. all five teenagers were ejected when the truck rolled over. the driver was going well over the speed limit and alcohol was likely a factor as well. it should serve as a warning for other people. >> i told him he should do it, like put the seat belt on, but he never did it. >> if i were to tell them to come and look at the bodies laying out here last night, that's a good lesson. >> friends say the driver was stopped just last night for not wearing a seat belt. all but the driver were students in vacaville. a candlelight vigil is set for tuesday. one bay area city might raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. labor activists in san francisco are behind the effort to raise
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it. they plan to file the paperwork tomorrow to put the item on the ballot. the proposal stems from an ongoing culture clash between the high tech industry and the blue collar workers. a recent poll showed about 60% of voters support that plan. if it passes, san francisco would have the highest minimum wage in the nation. right now the minimum wage is $10.74. starting tomorrow, crossing the golden gate bridge will cost you a dollar more. without fast track, you'll be charged $7. the increase will cover part of the projected deficit over the next five years, and this is the first toll hike since 2008, but more are likely on the way. the toll is scheduled to go up a quarter the summer next year and by another quarter each of the
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following three years. oofrnlts in the south bay, neighbors are warning of a woman who scammed their garage sales. organizers of a neighborhood garage sale say the suspect brought several items using or bought several items, using $50 bills. and they made change. turns out the bills were counterfeit. no one knew they were fake until one of the neighbors tried to use one at a store. >> i handed the $50 bill to the guy, and he said this was not good. >> they are going to file a police report tomorrow. we check in with the weather and warm forecast. >> tomorrow we're going into the 80s. you'll notice as we look outside, clear visibility. look at these temperatures. it's 11:00 at night, and we're
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still in the 60s, even in san francisco. and that's how you know it's going to be a warm day. i want to highlight oakland. this is going to be one of the cities tomorrow that could set a new record high just because it's going to be so incredibly warm. the record for oakland is 76 degrees set in 1961. tomorrow the forecast high is 80 degrees. easily tomorrow we're expecting to smash that record. you'll notice in san jose tomorrow, not ard ro, 84 degrees, not a record, but very close. san francisco, still going to be above where we were today, 75 in the marina district. the north bay, napa, santa rosa, a slough of upper 80s. this will be by far one of our warmer locations. by noon we'll be in the 70s, approaching that 80 degree mark,
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and livermore, right at 85 degrees. it's all because of this area of high pressure sitting right on top of us. and for tomorrow the winds are going to rev up offshore. on tuesday we go up a little more, close to 90 degrees, even notice santa clara valley, 88 degrees. 81 degrees for places normally fogged in. winds return on wednesday, more of an onshore direction. so we get more of the ocean influence on wednesday. so still in our inland valleys, very warm. 80s hang on tightly. for thursday, that onshore wind really revs up, so that's going to bring our temperatures down a little bit. san jose expecting temperatures to go back into the 70s by thursday. it's all because of this low pressure that's going to be spinning. it's one of those things known
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as a cut off low, so it's lost a lot of its energy. as it moving inland, i think the only thing we're going to be able to squeeze out of this, guys is a little bit of fog, a little bit of drizzle. and that's about it. next weekend, we could be looking at temperatures back into the 80s. so a little bit of up and down as we head through the coming week, overall, you'll notice, we are supposed to be in the 60s this time of year. even when we do cool off, we'll still be about 10 degrees above average. hopefully you enjoy the weekend and the next couple days really going to be a scorcher. on long island, new york, a hockey game turned into this -- an all-out brawl. and if you wonder why someone didn't call the cops, that's because half the people fighting are the cops. this was an annual cops versus firefighters hockey game. the gloves came off.
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they had trouble figuring out penalties, and you can see why. the firefighters have won the last five matches. but the final score was 8-5. i don't know if it will be remembered for the final score at all. >> and i hear henry laughing through that whole thing. that is not good sportingmanship. i could have stopped that just like that. i could have said free donuts. all the cops would have stopped fighting right then. >> i think some officers may not have liked that. >> he's just trying to be careful. >> if i get stopped on the way home, i want to say, i didn't laugh at it, officer. the a's, warriors and sanford all in action today. but first, cot red hot giants bring out the boys in blue.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. the san francisco giants are on fire to start the season. closing a 5-1 record in the
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first six games. and sunday they had a chance to sweep the rivals. l.a. dodgers. let's head out for the action. busy game. bottom of the second. kemp, shot off of matt cain. 1-0 dodgers. top of the sixth. brandon bell gets ahold of one. his fourth homer in seven games this season. giants down 4-1. bottom of the eighth. ramirez. that's a big-time shot there. and yes, it was all dodgers from that point on. dodgers win 6-2. >> i knew we would have our work cut out. you know, with the twilight game. they battled up there. it was tough seeing the ball early, but, hey, got a couple runs there in the sixth. got back in the ball game. they did a good job on us.
11:25 pm
over to the mariners and a's. big leaguers put on a show for 33,000 fans. bottom of the third, brandon moss, this baby is gone. his first of the year. and then bottom of the eighth. a's up two. cespedes . jim johnson, he was booed in his first two appearances this season, but he picked up his first save in green and gold. bogut back in the lineup. steph curry hits the three, even though he was fouled. he finished with 31 points. steph can do it all. second quarter. bogut will come up with a nice steal, and he'll get it to the other brother.
11:26 pm
the easy finger roll. he had 33 points. warriors win 130-102. stanford and uconn first half, rheanna stuart makes the layup and the foul. the run by uconn. great player with an average game, she was held to 15 points. and that's because the husky's defense is very good. stuart hits the three. that's why she's the player of the year. uconn wins. they will take on another undefeated team, notre dame, for the national title. developing story here. johnny manziel spent the night hanging out with the raiders. and he's going to do the same thing tomorrow. the raiders have the fifth overall pick in the upcoming draft, but last month, a sixth
11:27 pm
round pick was traded for matt schaub. matt jones, a stroke back on the 18th. he needs to make this long bi birdie putt to tie. take a look at this first playoff hole here. jones, one upped himself by chipping in for the win. his first career pga tour victory. he's headed to augusta for the masters later this week. that's going to do it for now. terry, diane, i'm going to eat donuts all night and take back that joke. >> forgiven, you can drive onwonoand you won't be pulled over. >> i'm done. and a hollywood legend
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vets recommend it, and dogs, well they're begging for it. nexgard is for dogs only and hasn't been evaluated for use in pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs. reported side effects include vomiting, dry flaky skin, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. recommended by vets. loved by dogs. from the makers of frontline® plus.
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hollywood legend mickey rooney died today. his acting career is among the longest. he was on the burlesque stage at just 14 months of old. the young star received an academy award at e age of 19 for his role in boys town. he was married eight times, including to actress ava guardner. he was home with his family when he died today. he was 93. silicon valley is getting its pop culture moment in a new hbo series. >> if you want to live here you've got it deliver like
11:31 pm
steve. >> steve jobs. >> i heard you. >> he didn't even write code. >> it's called silicon valley created by mike judge who did the movie office space. it's a surprising look behind the scenes at what happens in the tech industry. elon musk says it was like watching a bizarro version of your own reality. it debuted tonight at 10:00. you can catch up with the hbo go streaming service. >> and fans tried to watch the season four premiere of "game of thrones." they suggested that they wait for it to be available on demand. fans had a similar problem watching the true detective
11:32 pm
finale. we are not doing it. and we now need to do it. >> lawmakers demand change after we revealed the lack of oversight at day cares. what folks in sacramento now want to do about it. and more than a million car seats are recalled. what you need to know before you strap your kids in.
11:33 pm
more inspections, better accountability. that's what lawmakers are calling for in california's day care centers. >> this all stems from our investigation that revealed a decades old inspection system that leaving parents in the dark
11:34 pm
when it comes to day cares. we have more on a proposed law. >> reporter: these are our most vulnerable members of our society. and we're saying we don't care. >> reporter: freshman representative aeon calderon isn't married and doesn't have kids. but that's not stopping him from leading the charge to change state law about how california oversees and regulates its day cares. he's pushing for more inspections more often. >> this is our job. we're not doing it, and we need to now do it. >> reporter: how will your proposed bill help the inspection and safety kids. >> it puts someone in the facilities once a year which is unannounced. so you'll have a frequency of p inspections which will further constitute better compliance with the law because they know we're going to be coming. >> reporter: last month we went undercover to show day cares not
11:35 pm
complying with eve the most basic state law requirements to show safety inspection reports to anyone who asks. >> so you don't have anything that we can, like, look at? >> no. >> reporter: we teamed with the center for investigative reporting and found an inspection system so outdated that records are available only in paper form at regional and state offices, not online. >> unfortunately, the way our system works, we don't have an easy way -- we don't have a way, at the moment, of taking the information in the system and putting it up online. >> reporter: pat heary oversees the department. it doesn't allow her department to analyze the data. >> it didn't conceive of being able to get statewide reports and say where's the facility with the worst and how can we
11:36 pm
track this and track that. >> i'm embarrassed, i'm frustrated. >> reporter: that's why christina garcia wants the records up online. she has proposed another bill to have the state bite the bullet and make the records accessible to everyone. >> we have the responsibility to the community. and to me, it felt like common sense to have as much information as possible for parents to make an informed decision. >> and i went wow, we just got to do this. >> reporter: she's sponsoring garcia's bill in the senate. >> all it takes is to scan that in. i think the cost will be less than the human consequences if we don't do this. >> reporter: but we are waiting for the law to get passed. we teamed up with the center for investigative reporting to take all inspection records, a
11:37 pm
aggregate them and put them online. our team began scanning in all the inspection records of all the day care centers in napa county, and coming soon, we'll be adding to the database and the records that parents and the public can read online on our websites. >> i think the government got laz eye. we let budget cuts be a crutch to where we have a complaint-based system that isn't proactive, and we need to be proactive. >> that was stephen stock reporting. one bill is scheduled for hearing next month. if you have a tip for the investigative ju investigative unit give us a call or an e mail. the fema director surveyed the damage in washington state
11:38 pm
and reviewed efforts being made to recover from the disaster. >> the mudslide is an enormous tragedy. the response to it is an inspirational american story. the federal government is with you. the department of homeland security, fema, and the entire federal government is here to support the governor and his team. >> federal aid will help with repairs, insurance and loan assistance as well as temporary housing. we are learning more about the events leading up to the ft. hood shooting. mark potter has the latest. ♪ >> reporter: at sunday services near ft. hood, the shooting victims and their families were in everyone's prayers. >> continue with words of encouragement. continue with prayer, continue with worship. monday those feeling very grateful is theodis west broom
11:39 pm
w brook who feared he had lost his only son. as it turned out, jonathan survived after being wounded in the chest and arm by a gunman identified as ivan lopez. the shooting began in his son's human resource office. lopez returned with a hand gun and shot three people there. >> it was like he was saying, okay, bud eydy you're next. then he pulled the trigger, and shot my son. >> reporter: a new aerial diagram released by the u.s. army shows the shooting spree covered a two-block area and involves these buildings. the first 911 call came in at
11:40 pm
4:16 on wednesday, april 2. lopez then got in his car and fired at others as he drove. after being confronted by a military police officer in a parking lot, he then shot and killed himself, leaving behind three dead and 16 wounded. >> and on wednesday, president obama plans to return to ft. hood for memorial service. he was also there in 2009 after the shooting then that left 13 people dead and more than 30 wounded. back here in the bay area, graveside blessings on the peninsula. helping families honor loved ones who passed away. more than 6,000 people showed up over the weekend for a chinese fest val. organizers say it's similar to memorial day. it dates back more than 2500 years. >> it's more about paying respect. there are some old traditions that have come in like the firecrackers and a dance. but for the most part what
11:41 pm
attracts people back to the cemetery is to honor the memory of the loved ones. >> families spend the day at the memorial park celebrating the memory the of those who have moved on. a former presidential candidate is heading to the bay area. ron paul is scheduled to speak at california state university east bay. his presentation will focus on his views on the american political system. a university think tank and non-partisan group are hosting the event. he's also scheduled to speak at the commonwealth club in san francisco on wednesday. they're supposed to keep children safe, but more than a million car seats are being recalled because of a problem with the buckles which can get stuck and make it difficult to get children out. even flow says it affects the seats and we have a link on our website. we'll show you the industry
11:42 pm
that's seeing some major growth. that's seeing some major growth.
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11:44 pm
big time job growth in the south bay, but not where you might expect. we know about the booming tech industry. but something else is booming in the silicon valley. our business and tech reporter scott budman has more on the south bay food boom. >> reporter: the south bay has
11:45 pm
been in a construction boom for a few years. >> we're building a 23-story high rise. >> reporter: bringing new jobs along with new buildings. and growth in the tech industry has lasted even longer, bringing with it more jobs. but here's food for thought. the south bay is now a hot spot for restaurant growth as dozens of new places to eat like d da kine have hit the downtown to shake things up. >> we feel there is a void here. and we thought san jose would be a good spot for us. >> reporter: lots of food to fied all those tech workers and soon to be new residents. >> i think in alignment with what the city is trying to do with building these sort of like, like these urban developments and these new high rises that are going up. i think that's really going to fuel the restaurant economy, hopeful limit and, you know, the
11:46 pm
sharks always bring the kinds of people downtown. >> reporter: san jose's dish crawl tracks the restaurant industry and says growth here had been slow for a while. >> but now it's amazing to see this huge boom. >> i like to see more people come down here to eat and enjoy themselves. >> i think downtown is a growing city at this point. it's never been as well as it is today. >> reporter: building its way up and serving more people than ever. scott budman, nbc bay area news. and the trend in san jose matches with what's happening with workers across the country. work is up significantly in restaurants and bars. 323,000 new restaurant jobs opened up nationwide. it usually means people have more disposable income. meteorologist anthony slaughter here with our micro climate forecast. we need to pay attention because this is a big change.
11:47 pm
>> i want that pizza now. i'm so hungry all of a sudden. it's 11:46. and you can see no fog to report. and the fog-free sky is what we will be waking up to. in the 60s still in san francisco. it's going to be a warm day tomorrow by all standards. tomorrow you'll be at 76, even in our inland valleys. it's going to be warm across the board. 80s everywhere. palo alto tomorrow, 83 degrees. at the coast, still not overly warm, but san francisco, a few degrees warmer than where you were today. back in the mid-70s for the ma
11:48 pm
r marina district. and danville clocking in at 85. even though it seems unusual, today we jumped 10 degrees from where we were yesterday. so it's definitely possible with this area of low pressure sitting on top of us. the warmest day this week is going to come on tuesday. even when we see temperatures close to 90 degrees in our inland valleys, even in san francisco you'll notice even though we're going to be overly warm, 88 degrees on tuesday in livermore, not enough to beat that record of 90. even in san jose, it's going to get up to 87. but you'll notice that record, 94 degrees. it's going to be hot, but not record breaking for everybody. things will start to cool off. it's a weak area of low pressure falling apart, not going to have a lot of energy to work with. i don't think we're going to see any rain. it's going to reenforce those ocean winds. so by wednesday, thursday, and
11:49 pm
friday, temperatures are expected to go back into the 70s, but still, about ten degrees above average. and this comes on the heels of three storms that we saw last week. so we go from one end of the spectrum all the way to the other in just a week. a bit bizarre. >> i'm ready for it. thank you, anthony. absolutely. and coming up next. >> it's been nearly a year since the boston marathon bombing. we're going to show you one way that city is planning to honor the victims. [doorbell rings]
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it's been almost a year since the boston marathon bombings that left four people dead and hundreds injured. and now as that city prepares to mark the anniversary on april 15, a new exhibit is about to open that captures the source of much of the strength that made boston strong. nbc's lester holt gives us a preview of that exhibit. >> reporter: they are powerful
11:52 pm
and poignant, symbols of a time of great shock, sadness and grief in boston. >> it was, you know, at a time of great mourning here in the city. these objects really are emotion and support and love in material form. >> reporter: they are now part of a new exhibit called dear boston which opens tomorrow at the boston public library in copley square. >> it features a number of items from the makeshift memorial that sprung up at copley square in the weeks following the boston marathon bombing last year. >> reporter: it includes hundreds of running shoes, tee shirts, notes and other mementos that were left as offerings of tribute to the victims and healing to a wounded city. the centerpiece, four crosses, representing those who died. >> the grief people felt for these four people was an intense
11:53 pm
part of the memorial. we want it to be a place for community. and we want it to be a place for moving forward. >> reporter: the collection also includes heartfelt messages sent from around the world, including this one written on the side of a sneaker. it reads, these shoes taught me the joy of running that can never be taken. a powerful message, and now a crucial part of boston's history reflecting the city's strength and solidarity that followed one of its darkest days. >> we bounced back from that. it's always going to be in our hearts and minds. boston strong lives on. yeah. absolutely. >> it gives you pride being from the area. it speaks to our country, how strong we are as people. >> again, that was nbc's lester holt reporting. as you may have seen one message came from a sandy hook mother who wrote, quote, we understand sending love and support. and, again, the exhibit opens
11:54 pm
tomorrow and runs through may 11 the national civil rights museum reopened in memphis after closure. more than 20 organizations and schools marched from the cook convention center to the museum which was closed for a $27 million renovation. the upgrades include interactive exhibi exhibits. visitors can sit at a segregated lunch counter. >> it's piercing. it's penetrating. it really gets into you. and that's what this is about. >> we have an awesome responsibility, those of us of this generation to reach back and teach this younger generation, not only to experience it but to feel it. >> the museum is housed in the former lorraine motel where martin luther king, junior was assassinated in 1968. >> and we'll be right back.
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well, jimmy fallon is no stranger to musical stunts. and his latest is a remix he put together starring none other than george h.w. bush. >> he became the 41st president 25 years ago. and take a listen. >> happy anniversary. i hope you're having a great night. i'm a fan of the job you did as president, but clearly i'm a fan of your music. here's just one of my favorites. >> homeboy, you can't touch this. hammer time. >> happy anniversary. >> it was all in good fun and in
11:58 pm
time to coincide with a weekend celebration at the george bush presidential library in texas. >> it was a really big story this week. it's going to feel like summer. everybody's talking about it. we're talking temps close to 90 degrees. remember that spf and that water bottle. we're not used to sieeing this kind of weather early in the season. >> spf, water. >> remember your pets. >> goodnight. fa
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they are the things we take for granted. lights going on with a flip. gas coming out of the pump. water flowing out of the faucet. but when the natural resources that provide these every day necessities begin to run dry, our way of life, our comfort, our safety are threatened. it is in this moment that we are reminded that for all of the technology at our finger tips, we are powerless to control the water and snow. this is a nbc bay area news special. california drought 2014. now here's chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> good evening, and thanks for joining us. we will endeavor to explain t


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